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anybody know if they sell aftermarket seats? I want one

mine weighs about 60 pounds nowadays because it is so waterlogged and it was never the most comfortable thing to begin with.
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I know a guy here in Ohio that will make you a custom seat and does a great job. He is not the cheapest, but his work is great. If you know about what you are wanting he can make it.
i just know i want a new seat

i cant believe there is no cmpany out there that makes seats for atv's, especially with all the aftermarket seat's you can buy for motorcycle's
I bought an aftermarket seat from a company.....I believe they were called Hi-Flite.........For my old Honda 250x. They sell custom made covers, and the seat foam also if you wish. I wonder if they make Ute seats as well? Maybe do a search....
Here is a link.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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