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seat covers

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The seat on my Foreman 400 needs attention. I looked at the local upholstry shop covering it but dont really like having sewing seams all down the sides of it. I like the stock one piece covering. I have looked at slip on seat covers, and over the foam seat covers. I found a couple of camo covers I likes made of neoprene. What experiences do some of you have on this? Thanks.
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Why can't you get some marine vinyl, and restaple it just like stock. I am not sure what you means by visible sewing seams. One buddy went to Walmart and got some vinyl from them and had a seat cover for under $10 including staples. They have limited color selection but are cheap.
Seat cover

I tore a hole in my seat one night. The nexy day looked at Cabela's website and ordered me a camo seat cover and I love it. My friend order him one too because he did not want to tear his seat. I think it was 19.99 and it very tight on seat and rides great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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