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sealing up the air box

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how do you do it and what do you use......?
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silicone the whole air box lid.
QUOTE ("eurobro":3iezii1x)
silicone the whole air box lid.
dont you mean marine grease?

how are you going to clean/change the air filter otherwise?
I have heard of folks also puttin' marine grease around the airbox. That
seems like it would be a little messy. If you silicone it, does it make it hard
to get in there & clean your filter or change it out? We haven't sealed our
air boxes yet. They don't really leak enough to worry about. We can ride
all day & maybe a teaspoon worth of water will come out of the drain at
the bottom of the airbox.
Mine is siloconed up. Takes a little effort to get it opened to clean the filter, but then how often do you do that? I was having trouble keeping water out of mine until I sealed it all up.
Mine is not siliconed. I did run a small film of grease over the gasket to help it seal. It has never leaked... yet.
What type of grease do you use Mike? I have some Marine grease. That
should do the trick huh?
I have tried it all. Silicon is by far the best method. Every 10-12 rides or so I pull the air box lid back off (which is very easy to do as long as your arms arent the size of g-string backings and then clean your filter, wipe out your box, and then put a thick layer of silicone on the lid and smash it back on their.

Works great and you never have to worry about it leaking through their or have to worry about a mess because it comes off just by pulling one end of it.

I wouldnt have it any other way, unless of course the air box isnt whats causing water into your air box.
QUOTE ("Railroader":39u0zhnv)
What type of grease do you use Mike? I have some Marine grease. That
should do the trick huh?
I use whatever happens to be in my grease gun at the time. Ususally its marine wheel bearing grease.

I haven't done it in probably 6 months. I never had a problem w/ it, I just did it as extra security. And thats only gonna help if the lid is leaking, there are a few other spots in the air box that can leak as well.
silicon it up. move the filter to the snorkel, and make it so that all you do is take off the snorkel and the filter comes out. Simple and you don't have to get in there to change it.
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