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sealing the recoil starter

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ok, i am finally going to seal up the starter. i can see the bolts that go to it and can probably get at it with a ratchet, but i don't see how to get it out without removing the air box.

does anyone have any suggestions on what needs to be done? i'd hate to take it all apart if i don't need to.
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i've read that several times. i'm just wondering where to pull the recoil away from the bike to get it cleaned and siliconed. it looks like it is too tight to go down or out the side where the foot brake is.
Once you get it unbolted tilt the top out, lift it up alittle and it will come out the back, you can remove the airbox if needed. But it can be done without removing it.
I use a 1/4" rachet with a long extension and an 8mm swivel socket and did not remove air box.Then I lower it out of the bottom of the bike.
I find it easier putting it in from the back when sealing it up.
finally got it off. now to seal it up. thanks for your help. it was definately a tight squeeze.
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