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sealed pod

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has any had to seal the pod.i heard it cant go under
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I sealed mine just incase it ends up underwater.
QUOTE ("marcust":38c7m30v)
I sealed mine just incase it ends up underwater.
how did you seal it up? i've had mine under water several times with no problems.
I pulled it apart smeared dielectric grease on the circuit board in case it got wet then when putting it back together I put silicone around the edges of the case and there were little purple stickers covering holes in the back took them off and siliconed the holes and put silicone between and around all the wires that come into the pod. Probably overkill but I didn't feel like having any problems.
Waaaay to ambitious for me......... .
not pod was under water for probably 30 minutes straight while i crossed a canal and came back...only thing above water was the snorkel and my head...

of course no video b/c I HAD THE CAMERA ON MY BIKE! oh well
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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