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SE Sunday

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We had a great ride yesterday.

The fires really took there toll out there, it looked like another planet out there.

I found out my 3000 pound winch will not pull out my bike burried over the tires in mud while attatched to a certain BF 650 just as burried. After about an hour of pulling, and letting the winches cool down, we got both out. It was the nastiest hole I have ever seen. We were in the "pond" by the mudflats. And NOTHING could have made it through there w/o a winch or some one pulling it out.

It was very dry out there still. Hog Island which usually has 2-3 feet of water on it was bone dry.

But Mike and I did our best to hit every mudhole we could find, and I pulled him out of the ones he couldn't make it through.

Thanks again to Mike and the certain ******* Woman, who managed to not get a speck of mud on her, and forgot her camera to get the pics of us all stuck.
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nice to hear u guys had a good time...... next weekend ill be down to ride anywhere.
sounds like it wont be very nice for a memorial weekend ride then unless we get MAJOR rain

so the "pond" is completly dry also? thats crazy!

typical woman
i know this sounds bad but when is memorial weekend ????
We rode in Bunnell Sunday and I was also VERY STUCK....TWICE! Actually, a couple people commented that they had NEVER seen a bike THAT STUCK before!
The first time I got stuck (over the tires) was also in a dried lake area and both my new FRONT AND BACK bumpers got snatched off!!!! They finally got me out with a jeep.....I was starting to get worried. Wish I could say I didn't get a speck of mud on me but since I had to spend some time DIGGING the mud away from my back tires and then had mud flying off my tires as I drove away, I was covered! We didn't get out of the woods til around 11:30 PM! was still fun!
QUOTE ("deadmullet":l25atzt4)
so the "pond" is completly dry also? thats crazy!
Dry is not the word I would use to describe it. There is no standing water, but if you jump up and down on it you can see waves like on a waterbed 10 feet away. Its only dry on top, the muck is down there trust me.

But we still managed to have a good time, despite the dust.
so what we doin for memorial weekend ?????
5a was the same way.. NO water anywhere, not even in the raccon trail.... Mud out there was terrible and stinky like fish..wonder why????lol
Sorry I missed the ride on Sunday I was helping my mom. I would like to go out this weekend. We are supposed to get a good amount of rain tonight and tomorrow. Memorial weekend is still up in the air. Hopefully we can figure it out in a few days.
It was a great time at SE even though it was dry and dusty. Yeah, Mike and Mike were slightly burried, unbelievable.
Sorry I forgot my camera. I was disappointed too since I had the girls with us which is amazing in itself.
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