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se saturday 1st

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any one up for a ride sat at se?
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come with us sunday to 5A.
ok im gonna try and go both days saturday se sunday 5a.
me and euro r down to ride se sat prob.... we were just gonna ride grant but dont feel like have the sheriff mess with us. so let use know a time and we ll prob meet u out there.
im gonna be at the corner store at 9.(hopefully not by myself)
let me talk to derek cause me and him were just talkin bout goin there saturday but didnt know anyone with a key tyhat would wanna ride sat..cause everyone is ridin sunday too. but im lookin to ride the whole weekend.
Me and sarah are down for a ride on saturday........i have been trying to get sundays off instead of saturdays because it seems more people ride on sunday but o well
cool... more ppl the better for a ride...
I have a key if any one needs to get in.
Vaughn....Now you just found out that you 2 got a bun in the oven...Is momma up for the ride? It may be the last time you use that " thing " if you cross her.. Ha Ha Ha .. Let me know.. Anderson and I are off for 7 days and we were gonna try to ride sometime. How wet is it out there..Is it worth the dusty ride for the amount of water out there. We would probably be up for a later afternoon ( 2-3pm ) ride into the evening hours to escape theheat and hope for some clouds..Keep me posted.. You to dirtyrider..
we have got some rain this week should be nice , i would rather ride during the day. we are meeting at the corner store at 9, even if im by myself im going rideing hopefully some one will join me.
Vaughn, Mike will meet you at the corner store at 9am. Not that he needs your key to get in but wants to ride with you.
There is a going to be a police officer at the gate this weekend to check keys.
Vaughn, OK... We will see. Worst case, we will run into you guys at the swimmin' hole or further out. I will call you if we head out.. You gonna have your phone on ya?
I'll see if I can get a kitchen pass for Sat or Sunday, or should I ask if there is going to be anyone out there Sunday??
Me and sarah will be at the corner store at 9 am okay so maybe 9:15 but we will be there...............oh and vaughn i need to follow you in i have dano's key but if the cop is going to be there then i cant use it.......... speaking of which rincon i need the key of dano's that you have because i just bought into dano and mitch's property.......mitchs wife sold me here portion and that is the key that you have so if you dont mind please bring me my key on saturday i just need it so that my numbers on the key match just for instences like this
Sounds good look forward to seeing everyone. so ron are you guys going morning or evening, either way hope to see yall out there, hope you can make it at 9.
From the conversations last night, I think we are going...Dunno on the time yet...and Dirtyrider, I will try to get with Vaughn tonight. I have the key in the truck. I can get it to him for ya tomorrow. And yup, it is Mitch's key so it will match up with the numbers. It is 1125 am and I am calling Vaughn as we speak... Stand by...

Ok,.. Talked to Vaughn and I am on my way to his shop to drop off the key for you. He will have it at the corner store for you at 9am....In case I am not there, he will have it..
Thank you now i dont have to bug dano everytime i want to ride for the key i can just use my own
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/ --> alrighty man hope to see you guys out there
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Not a problem...He has it already, so its a done deal for ya.. Hopefully we will catch up with you guys out there..
Sorry I couldn't make it. I was told no O.T. this weekend and at 315 Friday they changed their mind and I was "selected" to work.
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