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Screeching noise from front end.

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I have an 02 Rubicon and as I begin to drive a screeching noise comes from the front on the right side. I checked the differential oil and it is fine. I was wondering if it may be a bearing or something.? If somebody has any ideas or even how to fix this problem it would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi joejoe,
Welcome to the site. My Rubi has done the same thing. My break drum
on that side had gotten water and dirt in it and the break would not fully release on that side. I would pull the drum off and check it out.
Most of the time it just needs to be cleaned up.
It could be a bearing but they don't normally make a screeching noise.
Let us know how it goes. Good luck.

The sound comes and goes and when I have the wheeler up and move the wheels the noise seems to come from the upper part of the drive shaft when it turns. Almost like it is inside the boot or just above the boot nearest to the differential. I have not checked out the brakes to see if this was a possibility, but I wanted to be a little more specific as to where the sound was coming from. So I guess I will look to see if the brakes are hung up unless somebody has any other helpful info. thanks
Sounds like you are going to have to start taking it apart until you find the problem Hopefully it's not that bad. Sometimes it's hard to tell where a noise is comming from. Let us know what u find.
Well, I have no idea what I did, but I got down to the brakes and they did not appear to be dirty except for brake dust. Without knowing how far more I should go I put the hub back together along with the wheel a took it for a test drive and no more noise (knock on wood). I went about 2 miles and sped up to 30 MPH and all is good. At least I hope. Thanks for your help.
Could have been break dust built up in there. That's good news.
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