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Scratches and stuff

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How do you all keep your quads all nice and not so scratched up.
Mine is all scratched from trails and trees and the rear fender is scratched from passengers.
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I have the same problem. I thought about gettin some of that glass scratch filler and fillin in the scratches, but hadnt got around to trying it yet.
Yeah me to I'm thinkin of trying Mothers Plastic Polish and maybe a PowerBall this weekend and see what happens or maybe Turtle Wax Color Magic
This stuff called plastic renew works really good. A lil elbow grease and your fenders will look smokin hotttt.
bump i would like to know aswell
I read somewhere about using a heat gun to smooth out the scratches but have not yet tried it. I have detailed alot of cars with a high speed buffer with a foam pad and the pad generated enough heat to fill scratches in on plastic bumpers and so forth.
When ever I take my foreman to the beauty salon and get her make up did and her hair did. She likes the Pig Spit. That is some good chit right derr. Cost a lot but it covers up most of her imperfections.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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