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Anybody going to ride saturday?
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I know im not going to do any riding till the PRun, cant take any chances!
same here. I have to fix a lil honda this sat and then mine
I am going to ride this weekend not hard just put around but next weekend for sure its going to stay in the garage
I think Screg is going to SE for the landowners meeting

i am afraid to wash mine beofre the run
you better wash that thing if we gotta work on it.
QUOTE ("Robb":357axuxi)
you better wash that thing if we gotta work on it.
Thats a good one.

Robb call me when your almost done with his and I'll bring mine. Your making dinner and cocktails too right?
U, Robb and Cocktails?? ....

sorry i had to

I'm scared to even touch my wheeler.... its already clean
U, Robb and Cocktails?? Think Shame on you ....

sorry i had to Laughing

i would comment but i need my bike worked on so i will bite my tongue till the pumpkin run
It's going to look like a ******* mechanic shop in my driveway. 3 if not 4 bikes all taken apart. Pieces everywhere all scattered and mixed together. When it is all finished I will probably have several foreman pieces on my brute force and mullet will have the only foreman with a v-twin motor in it.
dont give him any ideas lol
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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