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any one want to ride saturday at se?
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How is momma doin'... Is she " JONESIN " for a ride? Give us a call sometime. Still sittin' here on my A$$......
YES I AM!!!! I WANT TO RIDE SOOOOO BAD!!! By the time I will be able to ride again it will be dry and dusty again! How's your leg? When will you be able to ride again?

Ride ???... Ride ??? ..It is 26 days after surgery and I still can not walk yet. I have my leg in a emobilizer and have not bent it past straight yet. They said I start theropy next week to try to bend it. They said that I may be able to walk without crutches in another 2-3 weeks. You want to talk about a LONG recovery time... TALK ABOUT BED SORES... Have not gotten off my A$$ since the 1st of August.. THIS SUCKS.. Hope you and daddy are doing great. Ride safe and call us sometime. Maybe we can get together on Sunday and watch the race and spend some time together again. Ya'll be careful guys and see ya soon...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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