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Sandstone Trail 2nd Wkend of May

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Planning on riding the Sandstone Trail the 2nd weekend of May if anyone is interested, and camping at Coyote Campground.

Going to get there Sat. morning, and leave Sunday morning.

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I am going riding with my wife in the morning. I think I will probably park at lotus camp though. I'll bet the dust is gonna be bad!
I would bet so. What time you guys getting there?
Fellas......what do yall do for dust/eye protection?
Are yall wearing helmet and goggles or some sort of sunglasses w foam around lenses? Or just winging it and squinting real tight?:)

If you do the entire trail(sandstone) much gas you got left in tank if you started full?
Slyfox if you ride the entire trail you should still have over half a tank left. And I have riding goggles if I'm going with more than one wheeler.
Goggles are a must, and so is a dust mask, or a bandana, to filter out the dust. Visine is also handy.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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