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ruv ?

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antbody heard anything about honda making a ruv
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you might be talking about the honda hippo but that was an April fouls prank. i think honda has a chuck wagon i havnt heard to much about them i only saw it once.

Dirt Wheels magazine had an article in it's April issue that was a projection based on inside information from Honda. The rendition of what Dirtwheels thinks it will look like was mean as ****!! They made it a two seater like the yamaha rhino, and they put the Goldwing 1800 cc. motor in it. They made up the name "Hippo" for lack of a better one. If Honda actually does build one like Dirt Wheels came up with I am buying it for sure!!!
If it has an 1800 cc motor in it, it is gonna be a neck snapper. I doubt they
put that big of a motor in it, but you never know.
that is what i was talking about the honda hippo it is not real it was an April fouls prank.
how the fouck do you spell april fools????
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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