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Runs Great

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Hey all, just thought i would tell yall that i finally got my tractor pipe and jet on and WOW it woke it right up, i also clipped the carb spring. I can get the front tires of the ground in 2nd gear now without standing on the rack. great mods for anyone wanting to do it the cheap way.
FO-14 tractor pipe-25.00
170 Jet-2.50
i will get a sound clip this weekend and post it i think it sounds awsome.
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i was also verry happy with my tractor muffler, its good that more people are doing this mod because it accually gives you good power for cheep. now all you need is a exhaust snorkel on it to make it real loud.
Congratz...You will be even happier on the next ride..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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