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running w/out air box lid / filter questions

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Any body out there running a 400 Without the air box lid? Jetting with this set-up? I would like to try this for more pulling power while pulling a plow on food plots. Also can somebody tell me does the uni-filter air filter eliminate the metal stock filter screen? Anybody out there tryed the amsoil foam air filter? Thanks
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Removing the airbox lid is a bad ideal. Plowing is going to stir up so much dust and it will just roll under the seat straight to the filter.

The uni filter requires use of the screen like the stock filter. I use the uni on both of my bikes, never tried the amsoil.
Hey, Dirty4man Thanks a lot for the input. But I've run many dirt bikes and quads with open air filters in a lot dustier conditions than plowing. I've never seen dust or dirt get past a correctly installed and maintained dual foam filter unless it got washed in by water, a K&N filter now thats a differant story I've seen fine dirt & dust go right though a K&N they are junk in my book. I know that last statement will upset some people. But it's true. Still waiting to hear from somebody with an Amsoil filter. I've used some of their other air Filters with great results. Thanks again!
Hey Murwin, check this site out. Anyone who reads it please read the whole article of choice before jumping on the guy. This is real good stuff.

Look at his research on airfilter as relating to the active topic here. You will probably be suprised.
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