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Running mud tires backwards?

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Mud tires are directional and designed to clear when they spin. Has anyone ever tried running them backwards in snow or sand to see if they would work better and not dig in as much? When my 27" SuperGrips show up I think I'll try them on the wrong side of the bike to see if there is any difference in the snow.
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I know most mud tires suck in the sand, but never tried to run them backwards. Let us know how they do.
Go drive around backwards in your mud holes and see how well they work! It would be almost the same right?
next time we got some real snow i'm goina try that with the front tires. maybe
I know they won't work as well in reverse in the mud cause they'll clog up easier and you won't be able to get the same momentem in reverse. They are designed to clear when they spin forwards and this makes them dig holes in snow and sand. Paddle tires are designed to work in sand and snow and mudlight tread backwards is closer to a paddle effect. I don't know if it will make a difference but it's easy to try. At the least it's another reason to play in the snow. Two back to back storms on the way! Big Daddy if I get a chance I'll even mount the rears from my buddys new Rubi on the front of my foreman and get a few pics. You were wondering about the offset.
Sweet man thanks!
I drove backwards into a snowbank with my 28x12.5 outlaws and they dug quite a hole. I just eased the throttle and it kept pawing its way through the snow bank.
Just installed the new wheels & tires. We're getting dumped on pretty good , supposed to last all night. Hopefully the sleds will have the trails broken by the weekend so we can get a ride in.
now that there on backwards for best results drive in reverse
H4, your lucky man. you newfoundlanders got hit bad this time 30+cms of snow.. you lucky SOBs ahahha
350 Hondaman It wasn't the 40 cm of snow so much as the 110 km winds that came with it. Spent the whole day digging out and theres talk of another 20+ before the weekend. I guess forwards or backwards won't make much of a difference now. Just have to wait for some rain and a good freeze and were back in business.
Then again, tracks are only about $4500.00.....!!!!
i bought my 450 es with 26 in. mudlights on backwards.i went through some deep snow and got reverse i did not get stuck.ill be turning those around before i go to the mud pits....
Haven't been able to get out of town to try out the tires. Wanted to see how the bike would turn them so I eased into into a 4' vertical (90 degree) wall of snow that the city's snowblower creates along the street and bumped the throttle to break the tires loose.
The tires hooked up and the fronts went straight up the wall almost standing the bike on the rear bumper. Couldn't try it in reverse because the overhang on the rear would not let me get close enough.
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