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Running hot

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I was riding my 04 Ruby Tuesday and she got hot on me, the temp light came on. The fan never came on, but you could tell it was a little hot. I put it on the trailer and brought it home. I washed it so I could look at it without dirt and mud in my eyes. I checked the fuse and made sure the fan could turn freely. Started it up and rode the crap out of it, but I could not get it to recreate the problem. I thought maybe something had blocked the fan from running and came out when I was washing it, but it didn't get warm enough to make the fan come on. Coolant level if fine, fuse is good for the fan. What is the easiest way to test the fan without taking half the bike apart? Has anyone else had this problem?
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Check the rad, it might be plugged with mud. You can't see in behind the rad. I had the same problem , I remove the front plastic and the back of the rad was plugged. cleaned, problem was fixed.
when i had my rubicon sometimes it would get hot and the fan wouldnt turn on, i never worried about it. if i still had my rubicon i would proubly of put a fan switch on it. sometimes if you turn the bike off and turn the key back on it will turn on, thats usually what i did.
go to your local hardware store and pick up a temp gauge and install it along with a fan switch. that way you can see when its running hot. it'l save you all of problems in the future for sure
My sons rubi did the same thing one day when riding and I put my hand in there and tried turning the fan manualy and the fan was stuck it had mud in the shroud so I kept spinning it until the mud was cleard out of the way and it ran fine. I think the fans are made to stop when there are restrictions so the motor doesn't burn up.
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