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Rubicon trans

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for anyone who has been having problems with theres was was the fix for it. i got water in my oil and i know that they have wet clutchs. has anyone hade to replace the clutch or was it the whole trans?
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I'm assuming you changed the oil a few times to get all the water out. Are you experiencing any problems or are you just worried at this point? There is one centrifugal clutch on your machine that is bathed in oil.
yes the oil was changed after the water got in abd it ran great for probly about a month after that, then the motor and trans went in the same day but i checked everything out when i got home that night the oil was clean no water and i did the system reset on the trans and it worked again so i rebuilt the motor and rode it about two miles just to break in the motor and then the trans really went no failsafe mode or anything and again good clean oil but the thing i dont understand it that it still shows the trans going into gear it doesnt blink "--" so i am assuming it could be the clutch
What do you mean the transmission really went ..?.. Is it making a ratcheting sound ..?.
the quad won't move anymore. it doesnt make any noise really and it doesnt go into safe mode or anything thats why i think it is the clutch.
It is possible the centrifugal clutch is slipping .. But I wouldn't start it again until the oil pressure is checked ..
how can i check my oil pressure
You need an oil pressure gauge that will read up to approx. 150psi .. and it needs either an 8mm banjo type fitting or 6X1mm adapter ..
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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