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question for the people that know the foremans!

My display is flashing and wont settle on L, D, N, or R. it just flashes. I dont have a service manual yet ( just ordered one) it is an 2001 rubicon

When in R it stutters big time and will barely move.

strange!!! Someone has had this happen, I just hope its simple fix.

thanks all.

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No one has seen this? Man im thinking my trans is shot. hoping that some one can tell otherwise.
The number of blinks are diagnostic codes, but I am not sure what each one is.
Hear is a list of the codes. Go a couple sections down for Rubicon codes. This guy has a lot of other info on Rubicons as well.

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Hey did you get it figured out ? i am fimiluar with getting the codes out and disiphering what the mean. The Flashing mean the computer is seeing a problem and is flashing you to tell you there is a problem. Don't count the blinks it is showing when it does it. You need to tell the ecm to give you the codes and then it will blink the right codes out for you.
how do you get the ecm to tell you the codes?
here the code retreval procces point blank

bike in netural in d1
key off
press both up and down arrows buttons
turn key on
hold both buttons for like a second after the key is turned on
then let got for another second
then hold them both in again
then right after that you should see the -- where you gear indicator is and it will start flashing the codes and you can take your fingers off the buttons once you see it about to strt flashing codes.
Usually if the dash is flashing and the 4x4 is also flashing,90% of the time it is the ANGLE SENSOR for the ES mode of the trans.The sensor is in the ft case by the clutch adj screw,poss could be your problem.The same effects happened to a friends 450 ES and it was the ANGLE SENSOR...GOOD LUCK,HOPE I COULD HELP YA!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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