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rubicon tapping noise

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Recently purchased 01 rubicon it has a rather loud tick or tapping noise, tried adjusting lifters but it doesn't seem to be getting much oil up to lifters . Is there a chain that could be making noise. Please give me some options.
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I tell you what i had the same issue and was getting scared and i had the lifters adjusted, and still did it. I used to run 87oct in it and now i run 91 and i ran a bottle of amsoil fuel aditive as directed on back and i have noticed alot better throtttle responce and no noise,.. its a thought
Its worth a try but it seems to be more than that it raps pretty loud
mine was pretty loud to the point where it was louder then alll hel
does it seem like it lacks power. some of the older ones had problems with cams and/or cam bearing. cam chain adj. is another posibilty
We haven't even drove it bought it as is in garage got it running changed oil and are trying to see were noise is coming from , cd mentions checking oil presure valve ,but it seems to be stuck in the seat can't budge it either way ,so that might have something to do with oil circulation.
check your cam chain adjuster mybe its not adjusting correct? how many miles?
rubicon noise

oil pressure too high?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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