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Rubicon Snorkel time!

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So i need some general info. What size diamter piping. What would you all use? I havent found much info on Rubicon snorkels online.
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It's funny that you mention snorkelin' a Rubicon. That is one atv that i never
see snorkeled. Is it that hard to snorkel a Rubicon?
I dont know if its that hard or what, but info is elusive!
it is not hard at all. i am running mine right under my top head light. i do not have all the supples for it yet but when i do and its funished i will post some pics. there are different ways to snorkel it, you can eather cut the plastic on the right side pannel and run it up along or you can run it under the plastic and put it right under the head light. i used spa tubing for mine and windsheald washer hoes for all the vent lines. like i said when im done with it i will have some pics.
that is the way i did mine just 1.5" pool hose to under my light pod it took me about 15 min to do.
Rubicon3303 used Shop-vac hose. The bulk dry pick up one.

MiamiE if your coming to L-Cross, In Okeechobee. I'll Sell you one in the box for REAL CHEAP. Its been sitting in my garage for a while know. I don't even think he had to change the main jet, jet fiddled w/ th A/F screw a bit.

Let me know...
sell me what? the shop vac hose or the actual snorkel? i may be attending actually. when is it?
The shop vac hose, that and some silicone to seal the air box where the hose fits into it, in place of the stock snorkel, is all you need. (Plus the 1/4" hose to extend the carb vents.)

Muddy Gras in Okeechobee is March 3,4,5.
If i cant make it out can you ship it!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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