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Rubicon Snorkel help

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Im going to build a snorkel for my 05 Rubicon. I dont want it to look like junk that I threw together in a few minutes, want it to look good (yea im kinda picky). What all do I need as far as: what size pvc, fittings, joints and things like that. Just trying to get a shopping list so I can get everything at once. Any other advice would be great too, thanks.
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i know what you mean about having stuff looking good, im the same way. when i snorkeled my rubi i used 1.5" flex hose but i have seen people use 2", i think its just what you want to use i dont think it really matters. as for the fittings, it all depends on how you route it through the bike. when i did mine i didnt use and fittings because i used flex hose. sorry im not much help but it just depends on how you want to do it.
Snorkel Help

The 05 Rubi is a tricky bike to snorkel. I went with the Triangle kit mainly for the metal bracket that they give to you to secure the snorkel to your front rack. If you are building one, you will need to come out of the airbox with 1.5 inch pipe. The way that mine is along the side of the engine it goes up to two inch pipe. It uses a rubber coupling available at ACE Hardware that goes from 1.5 to 2 inch and uses hose clamps to secure it to the pipes. You will have to run it along the right side of the bike for two reasons. 1. The airbox inlet is angled to this side of the bike. 2. The head pipe runs along the other side and would create heat issues in my opinion. The only down side of running the piping along the right side is that it will be in the way of your oil dipstick and filler cap. A little creativeness in your design could fix that easily. Run you pipe along the engine into the front right fenderwell. You will have to remove the black plastic that covers the engine and attaches with the little push clips to the front fender. You wont be able to put this back on. You may also need to trim the plastis piece along where the 1.5 inch pipe comes from the airbox. It is the piece that has the Rubicon sticker on it. You will have to remove the plastic piece of the inner fender as well, then trim it to allow the snorkel pipe to pass through it. Be carefull on this step because if you take too much of it off it will lose its integrity. Next decide where you want to come through the plastics and cut. you can secure the pipe by using a 2inch rubber coupling and making it to where it fits really tight into the hole you cut into your plastics. Once secured with the clamps to the pipe it will hold the riser pipe in place. Next cut you a riser pipe and put the desired top on it, whether it be a 90 degree elbow or what not. Run your vent lines which are located on the left and right upper frame rails that are just below and in front of the top headlight up your snorkel or you can even tie them into the snorkel. You can do this for the drum brake, fan vent, and differentials. You will have to run your carb vent lines up to your headlight pod. After doing this you should be good to go. Any questions, just ask. Good Luck, Keep us updated.

- Jacob
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Its all really in how you want to do it. JRich's snorkle sounds nice but sounds like alot of work. Myself I bought the 2.5" Rigid Shop Vac Hose at Home Depot and it has the standard solid 2" End on it which fits perfectly (Same size as factory intake hose) and slide it down in the rubber fitting on the airbox then clamp it back on with the factory clamp and for safety measures put RTV Silicone around it. Then you just run the hose to your likings, I myself ran mine along side the gas tank then through the black plastic out to the inner front fender well and then cut a hole in the top of the fender and out the top with the hose then attached a 3" PVC to the rack with a U Bolt and just ran the Hose inside the PVC and Zip Tied it to the PVC, Simple easy only maybe 1 hr. install plus paintin the PVC.

Here is the end result this is on a Foreman (Yellow) and my Rubi (Black)

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JRich, thanks a lot for taking all the time to type all that out lol. I think I might just break down, spend the money and buy one lol. MS thanks to you also, sick bikes guys!

Be careful if you get Triangles kit. It is not designed for a Rubi. The line that runs around the radiator and goes into the oil cooler passes directly in the middle of where you have to cut the hole. You will have to take the line off and bend it... which is really tricky and if you bend it too much you're screwed. Glad to help, any more questions just ask.
Just clairifying the snorkel by MSWRCR29

You said "and out the top with the hose then attached a 3" PVC to the rack with a U Bolt and just ran the Hose inside the PVC and Zip Tied it to the PVC"
can you please discribe what this is so I can perhaps do this to my unit, because it sounds like a good idea. How's does it work for you so far. It seems like a better job than triangle's kit which is not even designed for the bike. Plus the kit is 134 bux thanks
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