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I was wonderin' if i was to put some factory Rubicon shocks on my 450 &
take my lift off, would it give a substancial amount of lift? My buddy gave
me the springs off of his 2003 Rubicon & i put them on Jennifers the day we
took it home & it sat a good two inches higher than mine. I already had my
Mudlites on mine & it still sat higher. The problem was when i put the springs
on her stock shocks, it fully extended them & it made it very tippy. I was
wonderin' if i were to put Rubicon shocks & springs on, would it work? The
Rubicon shocks are about 2 inches longer if i'm not mistaken. That would
give a 2 inch lift without a lift kit wouldn't it? I had to take the springs off of
hers & put the factory springs back on hers. I will try to find some pictures
of it with the Rubicon springs on it later.
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Yes it will give you a nice amount of lift + a more comfortable ride. Awesome upgrade if you can find some.
Them things are very expensive. Good luck with me findin' some for a
reasnable price.
I found a picture of hers when it was brand new. It has the Rubicon springs
on it in this picture. You can tell it sits a lot higher than it did with the stock
springs on it. I wish it wouldn't have rode so bad so i could have left them on.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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