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Rubicon Seat On a Foreman???

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Anybody out there know if it is poosible to put a seat off of a 2004 back Rubicon on a 2004 back Foreman 450?? I know that the latches are different. I saw that on the schematics for them. I'm not really fond of the seat and it looks like the Rubicon seat would be more comfortable.
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I think the Rubi is a tad bit wider than a 4man, but Im not positive though.
I think the rubicon seat is a little bit wider than the foremans
Honda Mechanic,
Can you tell me the answer to this? I tend to agree with the other two but I do not no for sure.
Duct tape
I'll try fitting 1 tomorrow .. WE have several used Rubi's and TRX450s ..
Duct tape
That fixes everything
I drove an old truck when I was in High School with duct tape rocker panels. It was great. We could go 4-wheeling and was it off in the car was, let it dry, and apply new rocker panels.
The person that invented duct tape must be in the
******* Hall of Fame. One of the best temporary
fixes in the world.
Here is a couple of pictures and measurements of a Rubicon seat and TRX450 seat .. They wouldn't be a matter of just swapping seats but it could be done .. (we had an old TRX300 in last summer with a big Polaris 700 seat made to fit)

between the plastic posts: 450 approx. 7" ..500 approx. 10 1/4"

from the front hook to the post 450 approx. 11" .. 500 approx. 16"

from front hook to lock 450 approx. 12 1/4" .. 500 approx. 13 1/3"

overall width 450 approx. 14 1/4" .. 500 approx. 17"

click on the thumbnails ...


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to Honda Mechanic, you are a valuable asset!!
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QUOTE ("Railroader":3l0l6uze)
The person that invented duct tape must be in the
******* Hall of Fame. One of the best temporary
fixes in the world.
I agree to that. That stuff fixes everything.
I really appreciate the work you do. Although that is not the answer I had hoped for, I n=knew that is what you would tell me. I couldn't get any dealers here to tell me anything except "you can always buy one and try it"
Thanks again man,
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... duct tape....strong as steel yet you can rip it with your bare hands..... you only need two things, WD-40 and Duct Tape.
A. If it dont move and it should - WD-40
B. If it moves and it shouldnt - DUCT TAPE
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