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Rubicon runnin' like dog#@*!

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I'm sick, just got my 05 Rubicon. Has HMF, 2" snorkel and jet kit. Was jetted for ~800ft above sea level. Past 1/2 throttle she overheats real quick, when I pin throttle she spits and sputters, lacks any real power. Previous owner used 160 main and didn't change needle setting. I need to know where to start. Seems like when I use choke it runs a little better, especially at higher rpm's. My elevation is ~1800 ft above sea level. I'm supposed to go ridin' tomorrow so any help would be greatly appreciated!! HONDA MECH, need your help
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Is the vacuum slide moving smoothly in the carb..?.. is the clip on the needle-jet /jet-needle and is the needle in good shape ..
Wondering if it was running lean so I put a shop towel over snorkel and kept making slits in rag until it ran better. Knowing this should I just start adjusting air/fuel mixture screw. I ran it for about 25 min., I was very easy on it but temp light came on briefly twice. When light came on I stopped and it went out right away. Fan comes on in about ten minutes . Previous owner didn't mess with c-clip on needle but put in a 160 main. I'm about 1800 ft above sea level. I'm very worried about running too lean and wrecking motor, I need help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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