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Rubicon Question?

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I was wondering if any of you use your foreman/Rubicon with a spreader. The 10-12 gallon type that mount to your rear rack. I am wondering if you can use this to spread sand in the winter. I live in New York and we get a lot of snow. The most recent storm dumped a foot. Wondering if I can get a spreader and use the atv for my in-laws business, if yes then hello tax deduction. Let me know if you think this will work .
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I use a 5 gallon electric spreader on the back of my 02 Rubi to spread lime, fertilizer and shell corn in my fields. I have it attached to the back of my extended rack. I have a cord set up with a switch that is hooked to my battery or the 12 voly plug in. This way I can switch it on and off quickly. The only issue is that on the back of the extended rack there is a lot of weight behind the axle and with it full the weight is bad for the rack mounts. I do not run it down the 2 tracks or through the woods full. There is too much bouncing. If you attach it to the std rack it may work fine with the weight over the rear axle.
I know this thread is a month old but I figured someone sometime may be curious.

I'm in New Hampshire and we get SNOW! Then it warms up a bit and we have slush. Then it freezes again and the whole state is an ice rink. I researched spreaders quite a bit and only one of maybe a dozen different spreaders advertises that it can spread sand, the Swisher brand. The rest leave sand off the list completely without explaination. I assume it's because sand will cause problems in them.

The Swisher spreader sells everywhere for about $233 (the 150lb model for ATV's) but I Googled my a** off and found a place that sells them for $189.
Friendly people, good price and quick shipping but - when I ordered about 2 weeks ago they said I got the last one and that Swisher was out of them too. Maybe more are ready now? I don't know.

Anyway, if you do any plowing this spreader is a must have companion. Assembly is a little tricky but straight forward (a helper would be great). Mounting wasn't bad either but again, an extra hand would be helpful while tightening the U bolts. I plan to make some quick-mounts to get it on and off quicker. There are three controls, two of which I wasn't especially thrilled with. First there is electric power to the motor. Just a 12 volt plug which you plug in and out for on and off. I would've preferred a switch, even an inline switch on the cord. The other control is the amount of material that flows out - from none to full. It's basically a sliding metal plate with a triangular hole. The problem is that to open it you have to be behind and to the side of the quad so you're dumping material before you start. A little wasteful.

I plan to make something slick to address both of those controls and will post details when I do. The other control is for width of spread. There are two knobs that you loosen, then slide the motor assembly up for smaller spread and down for larger spread (6'-14' I think). That works fine. KInd of set it and forget it.

There are a few extra holes in the metal parts that look like the designer may have been planning an add-on flow control, maybe with a lever or pull cable. I haven't seen anything like that yet but it could be a future availability thing.

If anyone has any questions just ask.
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Thanks for the reply, I was digging around the website for my local atv retailer. I found one for a 2" receiver hitch on the truck. It will hold 300lbs and has wiring for the motor. It was only $330 so I ordered it. The truck has the plow and made more sense to me. Thanks for the reply, oh ya and they are back ordered until the beginning of February.
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