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Rubicon power

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Does anyone know the torque numbers for a stock '07 Rubi? I can't seem to find the numbers anywhere. I know the HP is 33.4 but I'd like to know lbs/ft.
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i dont know where you got that HP number at but the rubicon has 26.9 HP. if i think of it later i will look in the shop manual, it should be in there about the lbs/ft.
I got the horsepower from the sticker on my frame on the back by the coolant reservoir
Could it possibly be 33.4hp at the crank and 26.9hp at the wheels?
I'm sure it could, I'm going to save some money and take it to the Honda dealer and get it Dyno'd before I add anything to it to get more power.
yes that makes sence, there could be 33 at the crank. are you looking to mod this alot or just basic mods?
mostly just a dynojet kit, maybe a few other things in the future, just want a little more power nothing special
i'd be real interested in how much power you get after you mod it out check us posted if you don't mine
i'm been thinking of doing some mods to my 05 also. i have 26" tires and i lost a ton of power. looking into a dynojet or a clutch kit....which would be better?
the jet kit and clutch kit are completly different, usually people get a exhaust and air filter along with the jet kit. while you just install the clutch kit by its self. you would notice the most with the clutch kit.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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