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Rubicon on EDL's

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What would i have to do to my ruibcon to turn EDL's?
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Hit the gas , hmf, filter,jejtkit and clutch kit probably wouldn't hurt either.
I think if you ask DirtyForeman who had them on his 450 he would say yes it will turn them but they are hard on parts and dig fast if you are not easy on the gas.
OK thanks for the suggestions and i have a hmf pipe and a jet kit comin in monday and i had 26" vampires on it then bought 26" mudzilla''s and missed the vamps
You will probably be fine then, everyone that I have talked to says the same thing, those things dig.

you are gonna dig so much with those things.....i would suggest the 28in outlaws instead of the vamps
Thanks for all the replys but, i decided to go with 29.5 outlaws
now that's what i'm talkin about
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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