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Rubicon on 29.5

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Some one find me a picture of a rubiconon some 29.5s
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QUOTE ("Railroader":26oc6p4b)
That is one snazzy lookin' Rubicon. I bet it rides like a tank because
of the Lift Springs & lift. They say not to combine the two. I see folks
do it all the time.
who cares...if you care that much about the ride you must not be that serious of a mudder and shouldnt have lift and 29.5 in the first place.

29.5s do ride a little better than the 28 though because of the flater tread design
QUOTE ("Phil":164bqh4m)
do you have to extend tha swingarm and driveshaft to put on 29.5s
no, phil u know betta than that. if your bike does not fit them than you can get a fender kit or build a lift kit that offers a little more lift than highlifters-you will almost certainly need gorillas to
in about a 2months once santa comes we should have one like that green in the running for foreman of the month
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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