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rubicon needs more power

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i just put 28's on my 05 rubicon and i want some more power what my best bet to get it? how hard is it to re jet the carb
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jet kit, air filter, pipe, and clutch kit are nice mods to get and dont cost much. its not hard to rejet the carb but it takes time and has to be done just right or you will not get full power.
will the jet kit come with instructions on how to jet it or do you just play around with it?
it does come with instructions but dont be suprized if you do have to play around with it to get it right. some prople just jet it how it says and just forgets about it, but i did mine so i would get the most power out of mine. BTW your gas mileage will go down alot if you put in a big jet, i cant really remember what i had in mine but i do remember my gas mileage was around 45MPG. a person i ride with had a rubicon with a jet kit and he got around 50-55MPG, its just how much power you want out of it.
mine must be jetted wrong from the factory it sucks gas
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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