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Rubicon jetting.

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Hello just wondering what you all use as far as jets? I have dynojet kit along with K&N filter and power tech 4 exhaust. But I set it to what dynojet told me which is 155 jet and needle on 4th groove but it did not help power actually only hurt it. What does everyone suggest? Thanks Dustin.
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First thing i would do is ditch the Dynojet. I bought two DJ kits & they were
both a waste of money. I would get a bigger OEM jet. As far as what size,
i haven't a clue. Someone with a little more brain cells than me can tell you.
Good luck.
i dont understand why everyone is rejetting. I have a Hmf and K&N and i didnt have to re jet and my rubicon is prob one of the strongest running.
Ok but why did your engine blow? Was it because you were runing to lean? And how many turns out is your fuel/air screw? Thanks Dustin
Anyone else wanna let me know what they are running.
I was kind of wondering about having to change the jetting too. MY buddy and his friend both have 450R's and the Honda dealer that we all bought are Honda's from said they did not have to change the jetting because they were just adding slip-on pipes so the jetting did not need to be changed. And another ATV shop by my work said that Most Honda's run rich from the factory so we would not have to change jets either if just went with the slip-on pipes. I have no idea, that is why I have not messed with putting a pipe on mine yet. Some people say get the jet kits and some say dont waste your money, buy OEM jets, it is so confusing.
I know mine is running worse now
i blew my motor beacause my oil pump chain broke. I turned out the screw 4 turns hmf said 3 but stock is like 2 1/2
Why does your signature say that you have a jet kit? Ok I will try anything though.
QUOTE ("myers4712":1nwb1g64)
Ok but why did your engine blow?
How Rubicon3303's bike still moves amazes me. He rolls it upside down underwater a couple times each ride. It usually just crancks right up and keeps going throttle pinned, and we just sit there shaking our heads...

If you are concerned about jetting, put a new spark plug in when you add the pipe. The take it for a ride, then pull the plug. Check the color. White=lean, brown=good, black=rich. As long as the plug has a good color, and it performs at well throughout the RPM range you should be ok.

Look at it like this an aftermarket air filter flows more air in. An aftermarket pipe (even a slip-on) allows the air the exit the engine faster, flowing more air. With the increased airflow the fuel should be increased as well, to keep the machine running at its full potential.
Yes I know this. I did what dynojet told me to I have K&N filter and the pipe. But my bike is running allright but not the power it should have. I did not notice any power increase just decrease.
what jet do i need to run out of a Dyno Jet kit if i have a snorkle, a Hmf pipe, and a K&N air filter
**** i don't know what jet i need LoL. The guys at dynojet are supposed to be calling me back tommorow
you dont need a jet
I know i just want it to run good so what do you suggest I do then? I live in ohio have a K&N air filter and powertech 4 exhaust.
rubi 3303 what do you suggest
i just turned my mixture screw out 4 turns but i dont know the air dif between fla and ohio. Just call hmf see what they recommend thats all i did and they said leave it alond just turn the mixture screw.
I am having the same problem with my 06 rubicon. I put a K&N Filter and the billet power tip(pretty sure it was a waste of money), then took it to the honda place and had them rejet it with a dyno jet. It runs good wide open but when I'm just idleing around it spits, spudders and blows black smoke, then when you let off the gas it just goes dead. I took it back to them and let them work on it again, but when I got it home and tried it, it does the same thing. I've had a couple of people tell me that I can just adjust the fuel mixture screw and it will fix the problem. I guess when I get home from offshore I'm going to tear into it myself.
Guys your scarring me......i ordered hmf and dj kit.. comming in next week. The guy at hmf told me get a OEM jet 1 size bigger and turn the fuel screw 2.5 turns out. DJ says to use their 155 and 2.5 turns out. the only thing I have consistant is the 2.5 turns.....I am gonna put it on turn it 2.5 turns and do the trusty plug test....I will post my results. Search highlifter fourm if you arent confussed enough about this topic.
oh yeah to make it worse the local honda shop says they dont have 1 size bigger than stock on the 06 rubi
sorry about the spelling
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