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Rubicon headlights

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Hello does anyone know the number on the headlights for a 04 rubicon both top and bottom. I want to know if I can buy SilverStar bulbs and put in there. Thanks Dustin
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I believe the Silverstar 9145 white bulb will fit the 3rd headlight, don't know about the 2 mains though.
My 05 uses 9145 bulbs up top,
pretty sure the 04 does also.

I put a Silver Star in mine, there was BARELY any difference at all.

So, I bought a 35W 3200 Lumen HID kit and put in it.
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... AMEWA%3AIT</a>

It draws about 10 Watts LESS, and is WAY brighter. Blinding Bright.

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$145 bucks! ouch

i love HID's though, should be a option for all cars/trucks when you buy them
Thats funny, i noticed quite a difference in mine with the Silverstar 9145, it's whiter and brighter than the stock halogen lights.
I noticed that it was slightly whiter, but not worth the $22.
It may have been just alittle brighter, but again, not worth the $$$.
I have heard others saying they saw a bigger difference also, hm donno.

$145 is a good bit, but if you do a good bit of night riding, its worth it,
Its extremely bright, and uses less power.
I'll be changing the lower light bulbs to PIAA H6's so that will make them even brighter, I don't do a ton of night riding but there has been a few times i was caught away from moose camp after dark and while it was snowing real hard and the added light will be nice to have.
Does anyone know what the lower bulb are I keep forgeting to look when I am anywhere near my rubi
I have not found a replacement bulb with the same numbers as the two lower ones.
But here is a pic of the top hadlebar bulb (9145) and the two lower ones.

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That bulb on the left looks different from the one in the Foreman. The PIAA H6 is suppose to be the replacement for them.
Thanks guys
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