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Rubicon frame breaking??

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Hello has anyone heard of the front tab on the rear of the front A-Arm breaking off on rubicon's? Mine broke after only 1 and half monthes old. Honda wouldnot fix so i got it welded. But I am going to sue Honda. I was looking on ebay and found another frame that broke the EXACT same spot. Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem?? Thanks guys
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Show us a pic. I had my upper a arm bolt shear off the bracket it was connected to on my frame. I had it welded.
i have never had this problem and i dont know of anyone that has happened to around here. mady its just something that happened but if you have any modificcations it may pe a problem whem trying to sue. they can say that bigger tires made it go bad or something like that.
ok this is a pic of the one I found on EBAY but mine the the exact same thing.
We've had a couple broke ... 1 was 2 weeks old but it had a track kit on it .. Another cracked and didn't break off, this caused the top of the wheel to lean way out ..
Thats the same thing that happened to mine. I had someone specializing in aircraft grade welds do the job.
Thanks guys my email is [email protected] if you gus would please be able to send me pictures and any information on how it happened i would really appreciate it. My attorney wants me to get any information from as many people as I can on this so it will help our case. Thank you very much Dustin
Please guys get me any information you can i want to sue them and make them pay for not fixing it.
come on guys please giveme some information and pictures
the question is is what were you doing with it to make it break, frames just don't break for the heck of it......

guess I dont see why everyone would help you make a buck, you should just be trying to get them to fix the problem if there is in fact really is one.... not just trying to get your money, even thou nothing happened to you after it broke.....
Actually we fought with them for 6 monthes to fix it then I finally had it welded. That is the problem thought it did just break i had it for 1 and half monthes before it broke it only had 52 hours on it. I was going down a hill and it snapped. They would not do a thing about it because i have aftermarket wheels and tires which i bought allready installed on the quad. I almost rolled down a hill and slammed a tree because it broke going down a steep hill. So before you open your mouth know what your talking about!!!!
thanks for the help guys!
Don't have any info to give you but for what we put these things through don't think a little tack here and there is going to kill anyone but the point is it should not have broke that easily maybe they can look at bracing it better for future models!!!!!!!!! wish you luck!!!!!!!!!
Thanks man. Ya i hope so.
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