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Rubicon Clutch Kit

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Does anyone have one? What are the downsides to it? It's so freaking cheap, that it seems like a no-brainer to have one. If there are no real downsides, I'm definitely getting one ASAP.

Oh, and I assume it provides more low-end torque, since its purpose is to help turn larger that correct?
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i had one on my rubicon and i loved it. the reason it is so cheap is because all you get are stiffer springs. i never really had any downsides to mine, it never bothered me any once i got used to it. the stiffer springs make the clutch engage at at higher RPM which makes it have some more punch off the start. the clutch kit delays it 500 RPMs.
So it acts like a high-stall torque converter in a car? And if there are no downsides, I'm going to try to get one within the next couple of days.

I read that a Rubi with mud tires will get bogged down in really thick mud, and the wheels will even be unable to spin sometimes. I still don't know if I believe that they wouldn't spin at all, but I did find a super thick hole yesterday that my Rubicon would barely turn the tires over in when set to Drive, D2. That bothered me, so I went back through in 2nd gear (ESP) and low-range, and it had absolutely no problems that time, but I can't just ride around in low range all the time just in case I come up on another hole like that one. So will a clutch kit help fix this?
the clutch kit will help with the bogging somewhat but it will not get rid of it completly. i recomend that when you come to a big hole to get in low so you do not strain the tranny any. if i came to a hole i would always go in low ESP. if you are not wanting to get rid of the bogging i would also look into a jet kit, and exhaust, they will also help.
yes it acts as a stall converter. i dont know if the kit would fix the problem completely in D2 but it will defently help.
How hard is the install? Do I need a bunch of special tools or what?

EDIT: Also, will a clutch kit affect the warranty?
all you need is a clutch puller, my honda shop loaned it to me so i had no cost there. it is not hard to do, it just takes time. when i did mine i put the 4wheeler on its back rack and just worked my way down through the bike untill i got to the clutch. i cant remember how many hours it took but it wasnt bad if you keep at it. im not sure if it would void the warranty or not, i would say yes because you are modifing the clutch.
where can you get a clutch kit for a rubicon
I think EPI makes them.

And here's why I want a clutch kit, I don't want my fourwheeler to do this (notice the bogging when I drop off into the hole; I had the gas pinned the whole time):
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EPI does make them and highlifter also sells the EPI kits, so you could order from both places. a clutch kit will help in tha situation, since you only have 26's it will help you a good bit.
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