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Rubicon Clutch Kit???

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Hi all, I hoping someone can explain to me what a clutch kit is for a Rubicon? I just don't know much about the clutch/trans on this bike. Being its an automatic tranny what exactly is a clutch kit and what does it do. Is it something that will help a stock unit, and I'm replacing the tires soon and considering going to 26" from 25". Is this a very involved job or is it illustrated and doable for a inclined person. Thanks.

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now i might be wrong, but it seems that the clutch kit for the rubicon changes the springs out on the weights for stronger harder ones, which makes the bike shift up at a higher rpm in automatic. at least thats what i was told. and people have told me to get it for my bike but i am a little sceptic about instaling it myself they say you need a special puller for the casing you can see the instalation guide at highlifter.

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as far as i kno your rubicon clutch kit will be the same basic thing as my foreman kit i thiunk your rubion uses the clutch to still engauge the tranny because its not a belt drive unit it will give more torque from dead stop but after taht it will be the same i wouldnt worry about it too much it you keep to 25 or 26" tires
Thanks, I have no intentions of going over 26". I will be taking my 25" stocks off the Rincon that has 50 miles on them and putting 26's on the Rincon. So even new ones will be 25".
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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