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rubicon carb on a does work

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this is my first post...been reading alot and cannot find any answers to this.....i have an 04 foreman s (carb is shot in every way, unfixable) and bought a brand new 04 rubicon 500 carb...was only $50. well im about to tackle rigging this to my foreman on saturday....i have the mechanical know how to do this, but was wondering of anyone tried this before...or maybe anyone has any thoughts or suggestions. thanks in advance. bike is stock motor, full hmf exhaust, and rebuilt motor.
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well i didnt get the carb on... something came 79 bronco (lifted with all the toys) caught fire and blew there will be a delay with the work if anyone was waiting for an update....the carb does not fit the intake will have to be bored about and 1/8 of an inch....all the cables and vents hook up with no problem, thats as far as i got on that. i will post any updates within the next week.
jetting is going to be a pain once you get it mounted. good luck and let us know what the outcome is.
The TRX450FE/FM carb is 32mm and the TRX500FGA carb is 36mm
Dirty4man is right, trying to get the right jet is going to be a big pain but can be done. keep us updated on how this goes.
well i got the carb on, it fits without modification. started up the first time...idles perfect...i havent had a chance to ride wheels are off due to a bearing job. i think it is going to run rich....i will probably switch the main jets between the 450 carb and the 500 carb, they look to be the same fitment. if that doenst work im gonna go for a 450 jet kit and put it in the 500 carb or maybe a smaller jet for the 500 carb. it comes down to what works with the least money spent. we will see later i guess....i should have an update on sunday. ps...if someone has any important info on jetting on both these carbs..please let me know, thanks.
i got the bike together, it start first time, runs perfect now, needle is in leanest position. i probably could use a slightly smaller jet but i plan on doing a port and polish so that should correct my fuel problems(its not really a problem unless u worry about gas mileage, which is still pretty good as far as i can tell). there is an increase in top speed by 2-4 mph. it feels like i got a power increase(more than a jet kit it), but not sure how much since i just rebuilt the motor. i would definetly reccomend this instead of rebuilding your carb or even buying a jet kit, if this guy still has some carbs left. next up is my clutch, and back in the mud full time. if anyone is interested there is a guy on ebay selling 04 rubicon carbs brand new for $50 he had about 10 left...his username is: marionoutdoorpower. shipping was $15.
i got an update if anyone is interested..... i put my snorkle on and now the bike is bogging when the main jet kicks in, about half throttle, its so bad that the bike wont use that jet, it just bogs to a stop, so im replacing the factory jet in th 500 carb with the jet in the 450 carb(i should have done this in the first place) i found out that the slow jets in both carbs are the same from the factory. so thats why it runs fine till i get half throttle. i also put nitrous on the bike with the tire inflator setup, all i can say is it does work. the nitrous injects in the boot between the carb and the head (i used a basketball inflator nozzle to poke into the rubber boot and restrict flow, like a regulator). now with the bike running so rich, i shot the nitrous when its started bogging and wouldnt you know it, that bike took off......then the nitrous wore off and it bogged to a stop.
im putting my HL clutch kit now its a pain i get them for $60 shipped UPS ,fedex is better lol. i need a puller for the clutch now for a now cam chain .
well i got my rubi carb in and it fits good, wat do i do with the big plug on the side?? right now i just have it unplugged and it runs fine. i had a 475 and the head ported and polished so it runs pretty good but when im cruisin at about 3/4 throttle it starts missin and spittin and sputtering (it acts like its choke is on) and its got a black puff every once and a while so its runnin real rich what jet yall think i should run also i got a triangle snorkit
why dont you do an big wirte up on this in the "how to" section. i might want to take on that project in the fall.
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