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Rubicon and a Clutch Kit

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Anybody ever put one in a Rubicon and was it worth it. I want to put one in mine but kinda sitting on the fence with it. Around here the mud is so think it can lock up the biggest cc bikes tires no problem and i think this would be the ticket to get mine goin again once they lock up. I got as much power as you are every going to get out of a Rubi motor without a BBK and am running out of other mods to put on. And yet for some reason this one makes me a bit nervous.
Any feed back for me ?
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It really only helps to get rolling from a stop. I have noticed the improvement in mine in a couple situations of thick tar like mud. But I do not think it is the cure all mod that some people think it is. Since once you start rolling there is no difference in the power delivery of the bike. The HMF, filter and jet kit gave a much better and noticable improvement.
Yes a clutch kit is only for take off, and thats where i need it. If i get stuck and want to push or winch at times you just can't get the wheels turning again . A clutch kit is not a power mod, but allows you to get closer to your power range before the motor has to work and wheels start turning. They claim that there is a 500 rpm delay.
So i guess my question is that 500 rpm really helping on the rubicon starting off in the thick stuff?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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