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Rubicon 500

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i want to see how many guys here have a Rubicon
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I got one mine is the one on the site doing all the wheelie's
Mine's an 03 with 1000 km on it

Anyone here have problems with spedometer?

Good day
Mine's an '05. I just picked it up last week.
i got a 04 with almost 4000 kms on no trouble as of yet
I've had mine for 2 weeks now. It is a fantastic machine.
My brother has a 2001 Rubicon. It has about 1000 miles on it. It's bone STOCK...even the tires and air cleaner. I'm trying to convince him to get some 26" mud tires and a K&N air cleaner and I think he's just about ready to do it.

He's sick of trying to follow me on my Foreman...he just can't.
2004 Rubicon over 3000 km just normal wear and tear ball joints & front brakes. Runs great even after sinking it .
500 Honda Forman Rubicon

I have an 03 about 900mi and trouble free so far, Love It
I've got an 04 with 1800 km problem free.
I have an 03 ruby with 900 mi no trouble except front axle popped out after i installed a detroit gearless locker it my fault i didnt get the axle snapped in all the way its ok now i love it, mods 3.0 warn winch, 424 warn selector,detroit gearless locker, high lifter full skid plate,tamarak boxes,heated grips, heated thumb throtle,reverse light that comes on when in reverse, switch for top headlight i can turn off if i have front rack loaded and horn.
I have an 01' Rubi bought it with 132miles on it, yeah , Jan 23 I picked it up. used to haul trash to the curb on a 3acre home. Got lucky!

How is the low gear on the new 05 rubicons compared to the 450.I was at honda today and saw that it has esp and auto with low gear on the shifter.I also saw a knob that you turned for esp,D1 and D2.Can you switch around switch gear ratios in the electronic shift mode,D1 in manual shift for ultra low ETC.....Sounds like you could have ES like my 450 and then have auto for trail riding.Am I right????
you can have electirc shift in drive mode and low. And in auto you have in drive you have d1 and d2 then in low mode it is just low you dont have the choice of d1 or d2 in low.
have a 00 with no problems ever. love it
Whats up scrappy?The boat is shortly on the way,should I bring my 450 to ride with ya behind the house that weekend.I got 28" mudzillas from this guy I met at Macks Fishcamp,they came off a lifted rincon that couldnt turn them in weak mud.My new riding buddy has a older Rancher 350 4x4 with Mudbugs(26) that was driving right in the same goo.I offered him $200 for all 4 joking around,he took the deal,They were used for 3 hours only.HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA .....
Hi just purchased 04 rubi 100 miles on it no problems.

27 mudlights, itp series 5 wheels, perfex long travel lift.
2001 rubicon 2700 miles, just bought it, so far just a broken axle, threw the lift away, also has slight engine rattle sounds like bottom end but hopefully nothing to worry about.
Threw out the lift. If you still have it I'll take it or buy it. Let me know. Shoot me a PM. I really only want the pieces for the rear lift.
wadaya give me for it? what kind of spare parts ya got?
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