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Rubicon 2004-2007 models differences

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Hello Dear Rubicon Owners ! Please tell a little beat about diferences in particular models (years) of Rubicon. It's still the same over the years or something has been improoved ?
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Well first of all in 05 they changed the body style. Frame and all, also they put the push four wheel drive button in. They changed the plastics of course as far as its not so "boxy" now and has diffrent tail lights. I cant think of anything else right of this moment. I belive everything I have said is right
the 05 it also smoother riding, mine seems like it has little more power, but it could be that they also put disk breaks in the front. Which made it easer to just push around on a floor, so that may be where the extra power came from! O ya the brake lights work, there not just tail lights. The 03 doesnt have brake lights.
brake lights, 4x4 switchable, front disc brakes, and yes plastics.
cant think of anything else though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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