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Rubicon-20% instant power gain (check exhaust)

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My 2002 Rubicon use to go 50MPH and last year could do 40MPH max. For work seemed less powerful pulling loads in my trailer. Trail riding steep hill climbs seemed like could use more testosterone. Started, idled and seemed to be running good but lost all top end. If you read some of my old post I thought had clutch or hondamatic problem but all checked out good. While doing maintenance I pulled spark arrester and noticed all the screen was gone. The back of the tube was shine from rubbing the baffle. Cut end of exhaust off and the baffle was 1/2 rusted out and slid back against the arrester tube cutting exhaust flow. The only OEM exhaust muffler in hole continent was in Canada and I did not want to deal with shipping. Pieced the baffle back together and welded in place. Then welded end back on muffler and should give me a few more years service till more parts become available. Instant power, been so long that Im still stoked. I just wonder how many other old Hondas are driving around blaming heavy tires for them loosing top end. Everyone check your spark arrestors every PM.
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On my '01 Rubi the exhaust started squeaking which I knew was from a loose baffle - pretty common on those old Hondas. Luckily I found a new Supertrapp pipe on sale, I think it's called a Mudslinger. Sounds great and never ran so good.
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