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rubi snorkels

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i need some ideas for snorkelin my rubi will yall post some pics of yalls
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here is my wifes snorkle on her rubi if you can see enough of it, and one of my foreman snorkle.
that looks good
I don't mean to be stealing anyone's post but how do those 26" Zilla's ride? and what's up with the airbox drain cover on your left brake handle. Puttin' it there so you don't forget to put it back on? nice looking machines
i dont have any pics of my snorkel, but i ran flex hose up along the gas tank and up under the top headlight pod. it was kind of hidden that way.
Here are some pics of my snorkel I didnt want to cut on my plastic to much and it actually doesnt bother me in the position its in and if i have to take it off for warranty or any reason all i have to do is loosen the nut on the airbox cut the zipties and pull it straight out of the rack. Hope this helps ya, Corey
i had a problem with the air boxes filling up with fuel while traveling or sitting in the garage. it happened a couple of times and i had to change the oil 2 -3 times to get the fuel out of the system.. the plug is on the grip so it will run out my air box instead of filling up and getting in the oil. i made some changes since that happend and i dont have the problem any more.

the mudzillas ride great my wife loves them.
Not to get off topic but throw a sock in the end of the snorkel it will keep the air from flowing into it and flooding the motor with gas
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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