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rubi rear diff

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I was riding this weekend and heard a strange noise from the rear. Tore it all down and the inner diff bearing is lose. I didnt pull the pinion shaft out, should I? It all looks great no water or dirt. Should I just replace the axle shaft bearings or do the whole differental? Thanks
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I got moose bearings to put in and compared them to the stock ones and they both have play in them! The old bearings have a little more but not much. I hope the new bearings take care of my problem. Also do I need a special tool to get the pinion bearing out? The noise was slight, only heard it going down the dirt road, not in the mud. thanks for any help.

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If you have inspected all the bearings out and didn't see anything worn or damaged. That only leaves the axle where it goes through the ring gear. Inspect the splines for wear. If they look good, grease the axle real good and stick it back in and see if that gets rid of the noise.

once the axle gets alittle wear on it from mud and dirt over the years, they tend to have alittle chatter. The grease will cure the noise for alittle while.

yes there is a special socket needed to remove the pinion nut. The one I have I made, so far it has worked great.
There are a couple of special tools to replace the pinion bearings .. a holder,special socket ,special puller .. The lock ring can be tricky removing on the small pinion bearing ... Don't loose your shim on the pinion when you remove the inner half of the split bearing ..
the noise is from the ring gear itself as it spins on the pinion gear. It makes the noise as soon as you put the gears together. I got another smaller shim, the smallsest one made by honda, and put that in. The noise seems to be a little less but still there. When I took it apart it was a litlle low on oil but everything in the whole rear end and axle shafts
looked like brand new on the inside. I think something might have overheated and warped. My plan is to put it back in and run it this weekend and if it gets worse put a whole new rear end from servicehonda for $275. thanks guys
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