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Rubi painted rims

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do you think anyone here would be interested for a set of black painted Rubicon wheels? just trying to see if i'd even be able to get anything for them ..... i know people sell the factory one's (unpainted) all the time and get crazy money for them, but wasn't for sure what i could get for mine since they were painted.
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How much?
yeah how much i may be intrested
I just painted mine last night on my 05 Foreman. I would surely think somebody would be interested. Throw a pic up with a price.
I sold a set of stock Foreman wheels that I restored for $150.00. I'm sure you'll get good money for rubicon wheels even if they are painted.
i would love to have them but i can becaust i got irs, i think they would sell easy.
watcha think??? I need to buy some and would like to buy them from you if they are the right price. I dont care what they look like b/c my husband can fix anything that is fixable on them. Dont care about the paint job.
rubicon girl check my PM to ya, got a friend I believe caan help you out, stock or after market rims
$150 (+ shipping unless it is someone within distance of me i could meet) is what i was thinking ........ i have just repainted them also .... and only used Krylon since it is a better paint but we all know after a good day of riding they tend to get scratched up
where in alabama do you live??? i can get to hunstville in like 1 hour and 15 min. Will tell hubby and let cha know our decision b/c he is now lookin at mudgears combo
new market ...... my dad lives in flintville though, and i could meet you there or in fayetteville, or just a half way point for both of us
I am sorry for asking this but have seen this 1000 times...What is " bump "...Sorry...
it brings the topic back up to the top of the list
Ok...Gotcha, thought each letter meant something..
Ok Husband totally changed mind. Well kinda..He found a friend that had some ITP black rims that are beat up and he bought them for $25 Bent them back out and sanded them down and painted them (looks pretty darn good too) So we ordered him a brand new set of Swamplights 26's and now hes set..but thanks though do appriciate it!!
ok ..... anyone else?
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