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Rubi 29.5s

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whats the dead minum that i would have to do to my Rubicon to turn 29.5s in LA because we have thick mud done here would HMF, K&N, clucth kit and jet kit be enough what else is there that i can that the price is not outrages to buy
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Thats what you are gonna have to do. You may have some probs in the reall thick muck but if its watery you should be ok for the most part.
I am putting 29.5-10 on the Front but on the bck i don't Know if i want 10s or 12s let em kow what you think
Phil did you get your bike back yet, just wondering if the clutch kit made a noticeable difference. I need the engine to build up a little steam before engaging. Wondering if this kit is worth installing.
i was supossed to get it back Friday BUt it ain;t goin to be Ready till the end of this week the had a lot of s$$T happen there because were i am getting it put in its one of my moms friends thats doin us a favor so its been pushed aside but i will let you know when i get it back
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Rubi 29.5-10 & 12 Laws

Put the 29.5-12 Laws on Rear very good choice, I finally got mine out and they Work Great, no prob turnin them, it went about everywhere my 500 Cat did.....U'll be surprised how GOOD it TURNS them, got a friend that has 29.5-10's on all 4 on his 450 and he said my Rubi walked all over him and that's without a Clutch Kit on my Rubi and his 450 did....
DMR do you use your NOS alot and if you do when do you use it.
Nitrous Oxide. (Same stuff used in drag racing)
yeah DMR has it on his rubi
yeah I know what it is I just didn't see it in his sig. Well that explains the ease in which he turns his tires
Well Really Have NEVER USED IT not even HOOKED UP.....My Rubi can lite them 29.5's up with NO PROB.....If it had IRS it would be 1 heck of a MUDDER........
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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