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ok when i ride my foreman and turn or jump it rubs up against the plastic body ive never had this problem before. And i dont get it cause ive had the foreman for 2 year and its never done it before so whats up.

Any info would realy help guys. And i dont wannna replace the plastic body of the foreman
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I think you said the magic word (jumping) over a period of time the stock springs start to sag and get weak. Highlifter offers a set of lift springs that will bring your bike back up to factory height and it will also stiffen the ride up alittle.
Thats what i thought so i quit jumping and got new springs but it still rubs
So your saying that you already changed the springs and that didn't take care of it? Are you running a lift on your bike with the 27" tires? If not, they are going to rub while turning. A lift is the only other thing that will give you more clearance, unless you want to spend the money on aftermarket shocks.
I dont know i replaced the shocks and it stopped for like two days and then started rubbing when I turn.So im just gonna order a lift thanks for all the help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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