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Rubber Coated Mesh Basket

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These are so handy. I stumbled upon the one online and ordered one up. It is really handy, much more than expected. I thow my muddy straps and such in there and let them dry while I ride. Our Weiner Dog like riding in there to on casual rides. This company is the only one I know of making them with a rubber coating that keeps them and cargo quiet, and alot less slippy (Great for my chainsaw). If you decide to get one, tell Rusty that Rider11x sent you.
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Pic of mine.
Thanks for the link. Great ideal on the coating, that means less scratches and rusting. Let up know how it holds up.
I am impressed with it's durability. We were on a ride a couple of weeks ago, and I was on an off camber trail trying to follow an uphill turn, and a tree kept getting in the way. I slid the rack on the trunk 3-4 times before getting by, and can see no damage to the rack or coating!
Here is another rubber coated front basket and it is a little smaller but a little cheaper($99.95). They also make a gun rack that bolts to it. They are located in Irondale, AL and I have bought the gun rack they speak of and it works well.
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