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Ronny quad boots

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Does anyone have a pair of these? I just found them tonight on and they look pretty sweet for getting into mud and water. Or does just about everyone just use hipwaiders? All it says is,
Great Boot Insulation. Extremely Soft Connection to the Boots.
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I saw them on the ATV TV show. I don't think they are tall enough for around here for most of us. But for your average, non-deepwater rider they will do good. I imagine they will work good in light snow as well.
The ATV TV show is here I first saw them too, but did not catch where they said they were sold at, but kind of figured Ronnies might. I am thinking about getting a pair, they would work great for me, I dont get into real deep mud or water, but I HATE getting my feet wet at all.
I think Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops carries these or something similar.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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