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River Ranch DUI Enforcement

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I heard there were 47 DUI Citations issued M-day weekend-Anyone else hear this or able to confirm it??
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We are a member of RRPOA ( River Ranch Property Owners Association ) and the only DUI enforcement that I am aware of is the one at SE.. They may have had some type of wolf pac out on 60 ..but unknown if it was a part of RR.... Maybe just a coincidence (sp)? I will make a call and find out... I was riding at RR this weekend and I did NOT see so much as a star car outside the gate..and that was spiratic on 60..
cool-appreciate the info-now I can squash those rumors...
OK.. Made a few PX calls. River Ranch had no DUI Enforcement going on INSIDE. The streets were full of LEO for the memorial day weekend and apparently, There is a substation down 60... I know that LEO steps it up especially on 4 day weekends, so it may have been a coincidence (sp).. Just what I was told thru the LEO grape vine.. ( pretty reliable ).
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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