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Rinny tires

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I'm looking for a good trail and mud combination tire. I really like the handling of the rincon so I don't want to loose too much of that with 28" Mudzillas on. I have 26" mudbugs on my Rubicon right now. I really like this tire, however I don't know if this tire will rob some of the great handling of the Rinny. I don't want to go larger than 26", I want to keep as much of the low end power that I can and also the 26" Mudbugs that are on my Rubicon are fine for what I do, so I see no reason to go larger. I have been thinking of the XTRs, but I hear that those are very heavy. I'm not a mudlite fan so that is out of the question. Can anybody share what they're running on their Rinny and their thoughts on the tire performance.
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I have 27" gators on mine. Basically the same as the mud bugs. I like the way they ride and handle, and the bottom end is still their. It will bog a little in thick mud, but all bikes will.

They only thing that sucks is I ride hard, and do a lot of 360's. The Gators were fine for my 500, but the wheel spin is much greater, so my rear tires are disappearing quickly.

Just my opinion, but I am going with a harder tire with thicker tread.
The groves in the gators allow for faster wear.
I run 26" Mud Bugs on my Rinny, ran them since it was stock with no problems and no noticeable power loss. They now have around 5000kms on them and the fronts are about 70% and the rears are about 50%
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