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Lost my password when I cleaned my cache and they will not respond to the lost password request. Anyone else have the same problem? I hope a moderator for them is around...
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I have not had that problem. I will PM Rob G and UltraTec with a link to this thread and see if the problem can be resolved.
Do you have to be a registered member to view the forums?
No not at all. You can view all the posts that you want without being registered. The web site is check it out there are lots of very helpful people there.
I think you may need to register. But why not? Its free.
I have the same problem. Rigistered and then when they send me the activation link i do it but then it still does not let me log on. WTF and you can't get a hold of them unless you register. very painfull
I had the same problem I made new email adresses to try again and again they never respond deffinately not as good as this site thanks ROB you da man
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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